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Integrated Functional Addiction & Pain Medicine

At Road to Recovery our mission is to provide innovative therapies and treatments to allow each patient to detoxify from substance use, control pain and recover to enjoy a healthy happy life. We want to help you thrive.

Detoxification & Medication Assisted Recovery

Outpatient Recovery, Buprenorphine/Naloxone (Suboxone), Naltrexone (Vivitrol), Naloxone

Psychotherapy & Group Therapy

Individual and Family Therapy, Substance Abuse Recovery Groups, Pain Support Groups, Intensive Outpatient Therapy & Education

Innovative Pain Management

Medications, procedures, alternative therapies and respectful medical management to reduce pain and increase function.

Our Mission

We want you to thrive

At Road to Recovery our mission is to provide innovative therapies and treatments to allow each patient to manage physical and emotional pain and detoxify from substance use. Our goal is to help every patient recover to enjoy a healthy, happy life.
We provide medical support for out-patient detoxification. We work hand-in-hand with our patients to provide ongoing medical and behavioral health support for lifelong recovery. At each Road to Recovery location, we have doctors, therapists, and specialists available to individualize the treatment path for each patient. We believe that aligning the treatment plan with the needs and beliefs of each patient helps to reinforce long- term recovery and wellness. Our providers take pride in staying up to date on the latest research and innovations to help each patient recover and maximize physical and mental health.
We want to help each patient thrive. We provide comprehensive physical and mental evaluation to identify the roots of the issues. We then work with the patient to choose the best treatment to control pain, manage physical and mental co-occurring issues and optimize function and joyful living.

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Read our latest on pain management, detox and recovery, psychotherapy and more.

First job for Colorado Senate president: Helping southern Colorado battle opioids

First job for Colorado Senate president: Helping southern Colorado battle opioids

First bill often indicates state lawmakers’ top priority

Denver Post, January 4, 2019 – State Senate President Leroy Garcia wants to rapidly expand a program that provides medical treatment to southern Coloradans battling opioid addiction, according to a draft of a bill obtained by The Denver Post.

Senate Bill 1, which usually reflects the most pressing issue for the party in power, would send $5 million to a program run by the University of Colorado that is operated in Pueblo and Routt counties. Along with the infusion of cash, the program would expand to cover the entire San Luis Valley.

In his opening-day speech, Garcia said fighting the opioid crisis in this state would be just one example of how Democrats and Republicans can work together.

“Colorado is a special place — it is a state filled with people who innovate and find solutions, and I am absolutely confident that this body will be able to find many of those solutions,” he said.

Garcia is one of numerous state lawmakers who have expressed interest in tackling the opioid epidemic. He was the sponsor of a 2017 bill that originally created the treatment program Senate Bill 1 intends to extend.

However, the issue was not among the major issues Democrats across the state ran on during the 2018 elections.

While last year’s first Senate bill went on to become a major bipartisan compromise on transportation funding, other bills with a similar distinction have been smaller in scope. In 2016, Republicans used the first bill to expand a state income tax deduction for military retirement benefits and in 2017 to ease regulations on small businesses.

Both bills were killed in the Democratic-controlled House.

Suboxone Patient Wins Lawsuit

Suboxone Patient Wins Lawsuit

In Maine, as in most other states in the U.S., patients on medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder weren’t allowed to take their life-saving medications while incarcerated.

All that changed in October of this year, when the American Civil Liberties Union settled a lawsuit with the Maine Department of Corrections. The ACLU sued on behalf of Zach Smith, who has been on Suboxone for five years as treatment for opioid use disorder. He was told he would have to stop taking Suboxone during his incarceration. I wrote of the pending case in my blog on August 12, 2018.

We know that if denied his medication, he would go through physical opioid withdrawal and would be at higher risk for overdose death, particularly immediately after release from incarceration.

The ACLU took his case and settled a lawsuit with the Maine Department of Corrections, which ultimately agreed to allow him to continue on his medication. Jailers warn that this was a “special case” and that they would not necessarily allow other prisoners to take buprenorphine as prescribed by a physician. However, this appears to be a clear precedent for other patients and other lawsuits.

I think this is a landmark case for our patients. MAT is the standard of care, and it should be illegal to refuse to provide this treatment to people who are sentenced to incarceration. The diversion of Suboxone films has been an issue for many years beause patients in opioid withdrawal can’t access suboxone through any legal channel. This creates a black market for suboxone, and jailers across the country have complained loudly about this situation – that is of their own creation.

The ACLU is supporting patients in their fight to continue medication-assisted treatments during incarceration is other states, too. According to the ACLU website, a similar case is pending in Washington state.

If you are a patient – or know a patient – who is being denied medication-assisted treatment during incarceration, I hope you have a lawyer who is willing for fight for your rights. If you do not, consider reaching out to the ACLU in your state:

FREE Think Tank & Discussion: Is someone you love abusing alcohol or drugs?

FREE Think Tank & Discussion: Is someone you love abusing alcohol or drugs?

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Please join us November 29th for this free event.

CMC’s Albright Auditorium

Topics include:

  • Encourage sober behavior with positive communication and natural consequences for substance abuse.
  • Build self-esteem with healthy social supports, self-care, and skills to live successfully.
  • Inspire treatment with “motivational hooks” used during windows of opportunity.

Appetizers will be served. Please RSVP by November 24th.  (2 CME)

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